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Our Story

Starting in the early 90’s as the internet was exploding onto the world it was obvious that the knowledge to get a brand converted to a digital asset was a high dollar investment. But the nature of the internet changed even that concept as more and knowledge made it’s way from these highly trained IT specialists onto message boards, searchable databases, and FAQ sites. Soon it no longer required even school time to be able to create a digital aspect of any brand.
This was when the power in a digital environment became clear. I began to study databases, applications, websites and more. As my knowledge and experience grew, I noticed that more and more small businesses were left in the dust as large corporations with entire IT departments could assign employees to research, design and develop their brands on the internet. Social media exploded onto the scene and suddenly learning and managing marketing for a brand was as easily accessible as learning how to build, deploy and manage websites.

I started out helping friends and family get websites up. I learned what was necessary and my experience dealing with the plethora of issues that can plague a webmaster helped me plan better. I started working with small to medium businesses using whatever tools I could get my hands on. As I started laying a foundation for BrainCandi my toolset grew useful and varied.

Now… 2-3 decades later BrainCandi has a nice selection of options our digital makers can use. We work with a server system using state of the art hardware and software for stability and security. BrainCandi can manage every aspect of a brands digital plan from website design and creation, to hosting it, connecting it up to social media and more. We help brands connect on the digital arena in a safe, orderly and secure manner. We take the frustration away from the brand so they can focus on furthering their goals.

Meet the Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Rev. Brian Scott O’keefe

Web Developer / Graphic Designer
Rev. Brian O’keefe is quite an accomplished jack-of-all-trades – and continues to become master of many of them, simply due to his love of learning new things. Diving into the internet at an early age, Brian found he was fascinated with all things digital. This compelled him to learn graphic design and web design/development, which then led to the development of a plethora of other interests that grew out of this new arena. As Brian continued to learn and adapt new softwares and platforms into his daily workflow, his instincts to share knowledge caused him to seek out ways to disseminate those new ideas to anyone listening and interested. 

As he began to facilitate web presence for new business owners in a variety of sectors, Brian found his passion in helping others succeed through providing premium web development. He’s now working on finding the best ways to deliver web products of the highest quality through (collaboration with Brittany Miller in) the newly launched BrainCandi, Brian blogs, instagrams, tweets, and facebooks in case you have any questions or shared interests.

Muhammad Hamza

Wordpress / Expert
Muhammad Hamza has been involved in the digital world for many years now. Currently enrolled in school where he pursues even more education, he also spends his free time adopting and learning new technology and skills. Born and raised in Sailkot, Pakistan he has adopted and continues to learn all that he can about the ever growing worlds of WordPress, social media marketing and the e-commerce world including specializing in Amazon and Ebay.

Joining BrainCandi he provides fresh new insight, a drive to continue to learn and grow, and a competence at everything he puts his mind to. Muhammad stays in a state of learning and works hard to provide all BrainCandi partners with the highest quality of service.
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