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Moving a brand out onto the web is a risky endeavor. You take your products, brand name, logo and more and put it in the public eye. That public instantly becomes global. This kind of move requires knowledge and experience. Knowing where to advertise, how to market, what kind of digital hurdles need to be avoided and which need to be overcome. This is where BrainCandi comes in. We have the experience with creating a digital environment that is safe for your customers and clients, displays your brand correctly, and generates the kind of experience your brand deserves.
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Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to provide a custom approach to their brands specific needs.


The internet can resemble the wild, wild west with digital dangers that need to be avoided. This is where the knowledgeable BrainCandi staff can assist. We know what to prepare for, how to setup and configure your brands website. We’ve been using WordPress for decades and we’ve watched this web engine do some amazing things. We stay on top of the security settings your site needs, we have invested in both the hardware and the software necessary to make your stay on the net a safe and reliable process.


Backups, backups, backups! That is our motto. No digital site is 100% safe. Which is why BrainCandi makes sure that besides providing top notch security we also create a regular backup of your site in case problems arise. Being able to restore a site to where it was just days prior can mean the difference between missed sales and smooth sailing.


In our higher tiered offerings we include page speed adjustments to make sure your clients don’t wait to see what your brand has to offer. It’s just included in those packages and configured nicely and neatly. Taking even microseconds can mean the difference between losing a visitor and creating a customer which is why we offer this service.


The newest buzzword to hit the net is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. As Google and it’s competitors scan and present sites in potential clients searches it’s important to make sure that your site, and each page on it, is ready to be scanned and catalogued by these search engines to help your brand rise to the top of the relevant searches. Watching your rankings, developing key strategies to help your brand grow properly is what BrainCandi does. Our higher tiered packages offer this service. Whether it’s simple page adjustments in the Advanced Package or developing SEO strategies and implementing internet ads on Facebook, Google or other highly visited targeted sites the Professional Package provides those options.

On-Site Consultations

BrainCandi is happy to sit down with you and your brand and discuss goals and direction. Sometimes all a brand needs is a simple Facebook page, or Twitter account, or GSuite setup. BrainCandi specializes in WordPress but we’ve been on the web for decades delving into the inner works of hundreds of online tools and concepts. Would an automation solution help by crossposting your blog posts to Facebook for you? Maybe you aren’t aware of some of the amazing opportunities brands have when they are invested in GSuite? Whether your brand is for a simple and small organization or a world-spanning game changer BrainCandi has ideas and solutions for you.

Site Design, Development and Hosting

Here at BrainCandi we are ready to discuss what your brand needs. We can custom configure an entire web project for your brand that includes not only developing and designing your site, but hosting as well. If your brand would benefit from a Facebook page, or Google Business setup, we can discuss all of this and more. A full and complete quote will allow you to plan out your brands goals on the web. 

Migration or Modifications

Is your brand on the web already? Maybe you aren’t seeing the growth or movement that you think it deserves. Contact BrainCandi and let us come sit down with you and discuss your goals, current progress, and let’s develop a plan together. Maybe you need help getting Facebook setup, Twitter might be giving you nightmares, or perhaps your Wix or Squarespace site just isn’t performing like you think it should. We can work directly with you to get your brand (back) on track.
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