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BrainCandi invests in plugins and themes so that you don’t have to. Here is a list of some of the options we offer to our clients for development, design and hosting projects.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro was designed to provide a complete membership management system that gave site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers. While Restrict Content Pro has never strived to provide every feature under the sun, it does aim to provide all of the fundamentals and much more in a clear, concise, and easy to use platform.
Today, Restrict Content Pro has grown far beyond its humble beginnings and is now built and supported by a team of talented and dedicated individuals.

Sugar Calendar

Sugar Event Calendar is a sweet, simple WordPress event calendar plugin.
Most event calendar plugins are either way too simple, or extremely overly complex and bloated. Sugar Event Calendar is designed to be simple, light weight, and provide just the major features you need for event management.
Simply manage your events.

Elegant Themes : Divi

Divi isn't just a WordPress theme, it's a complete design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your website from the ground up. You have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for your brand.

Divi Plugins

Our Divi Plugins are custom WordPress plugins developed specifically for the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, extending the functionality and features of the Divi theme. Divi Plugins are also easy to use. Simply install one of our plugins and you’ll find new modules within the Divi page builder. You can use the new modules just like you use the default modules that come pre-loaded with the Divi theme. And just like the default Divi modules, our plugins are easily configured in the module settings.
Divi Plugins are also consistently updated to work with the latest version of the Divi theme. So what are you waiting for? Stop spending countless hours in the Elegant Themes support forum! Download a Divi Plugin and super charge your Divi website with new modules!

WP All Import / All Export

WP All Import’s simple drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy to map the data in your XML or CSV file to the appropriate fields in WordPress.
The plugin works with any theme, any plugin, and supports images, Custom Fields, taxonomies, Custom Post Types, dates, and pretty much every other WordPress field.
WP All Import is designed to be efficient with large imports – it splits large import files into smaller chunks – making it possible to import files with hundreds of megabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of records, even on shared hosting.
WordPress XML imports? WordPress CSV imports? They are easy with WP All Import.


Different sites need different content types. Toolset lets you create the exact content types that you need and easily set-up the connections between them. Toolset makes it easy to design templates, archives and lists for your content types. You build everything visually using the WordPress built-in Block Editor.
Besides templates, you almost always need to display lists of items. We call them Views. Views allow you to load any list of content and display it anyway you choose. You can create simple lists, grids, tables, custom searches and even display content on Google Maps.
If you’re building listing, classifieds or directory sites, you need forms that allow visitors to submit and edit content directly from the front-end. Toolset lets you create forms for any content type with any field you choose. Toolset forms can create new content, edit content and even delete content.Toolset includes advanced access control to both the WordPress admin and to front-end pages. You can set-up custom roles and manage their access to your site. When you’re blocking access, you can choose what to display instead.

Better Search Replace Pro

BSR Pro makes it incredibly easy to backup, import, and migrate your database between WordPress installs. The plugin was designed from the ground up to work out of the box, so you can get back to doing things that matter.

WP Feedback

Instead of using spreadsheets, countless emails, phone calls or even the costly advanced prototype, feedback and support tools found on the market; WPFeedBack allows our partners to simply click a section of their website and make a request.
They can add the priority, the urgency, include a screenshot and write the request.
Not only that, but the plugin will also bind the request to the section of the page that the client chose and will automatically collect the browser type, screen size and other technical information, meaning much better communication from clients concerning changes or corrections they want made on their sites.

Oxygen Builder

Building sites for WordPress means using the tools that work right to create the website desired. To that effect BrainCandi invested in Oxygen. It allows custom sites to be developed quickly, efficiently, and with end results that are sure to please.

Your Brand Deserves The Best Tools

When building the digital side of your brand, it’s important to make sure the best tools are used for the desired results. BrainCandi keeps this in mind as we build our inventory of options. Our partners receive the best WordPress site we can develop, with the most secure digital home on the internet that we can provide. This is done because we know how important it is to not just place your brand beautifully but safely.
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