Web Developers Toolkit Series : WPMUDEV Security

January 20, 2020

So you manage a WordPress website and you’ve picked out your theme. Now it’s time to find out what plugins you will need. BrainCandi is here to help point you in the direction of a great company, WPMUDEV.com, that offers a premium package that is worth taking a look at. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins to choose from when developing your site and BrainCandi has tested our fair share of them, both the free ones and the premium.

With WPMUDEV they have a narrow, but targeted, selection of plugins that they manage and support. Their offerings are targeted at users that want to enhance their website. Most plugins in the WordPress Plugin Environment perform functions for business owners such as allowing clients to order products, schedule appointments, or otherwise bring their services into an interaction with the users through the website. But WPMUDEV provides the site manager with the tools necessary to make the overall website ‘better.’

Website Security via WPMUDEV

Every website needs a bouncer. This is the software that checks to see if users are actually using the website or attempting to manipulate it. WPMUDEV provides ‘Defender Pro’ in this instance.

Defender Pro brings a lot to the table and covering all of its capabilities completely could be a series in and of itself. But to touch on some of it’s finer points, it offers...

Security Tweaks

Defender Pro goes through all of the settings on WordPress pertaining to security and flags those settings which it sees as a potential danger. If you are a new WordPress manager, this is worth the price of the WPMUDEV membership all by it’s lonesome. WordPress can be looked like a hammer and nail, as far as web site tools go. Sure, it’s primed for blogging, but for the most part there is little to limit what use you can put it to.

This is both good and bad for new users. There are hundreds of settings in WordPress. And if you aren’t web-savvy it is not hard to find yourself in a bad situation due to allowing default settings to stay set after install.

Defender Pro identifies and flags all of them. Along with each flag Defender Pro provides a brief summary of what that settings manages, why it can be dangerous, and sometimes even offers suggestions on what to adjust the settings to based on what the websites needs might be.

File Scanning

If you are like the majority of WordPress owners then you have probably installed more than a few plugins that you later decided you didn’t want, or need. You’ve installed, deleted, and much, much more on your site. This can result in files laying around that can pose a risk. Defender Pro will help you with that using it’s File Scanning capabilities.

Defender Pro scans your folders and files looking at them all to see if there are any reasons to be concerned. After it has discovered everything it then provides you with a list, and just like Security Tweaks, it even offers suggestions in some cases.

No more wondering if you accidentally FTP’d that file to your site or if it belonged to WordPress. Defender Pro has you covered.

Audit Logging

Are you sharing WordPress management duties with other admins, editors or other? Audit logging by Defender Pro allows you to see what adjustments and changes have been made to the site, by whom, and when. No more guessing. If you need to know who requires additional training on the website Defender Pro can help you identify them quickly. It also gives you the chance to find out what potentially caused an issue which can usually make the solution all the more evident.

IP Lockouts

Have you ever had a website hacked? I have. It’s stressful. When you don’t update your site it can cause security holes to appear and make your site more vulnerable. On the internet that can be like blood in the water for sharks. With Defender Pro you can lockout IP addresses (which are generally specific users) after a certain number of failed login attempts, or when they use a specific word in their username, or if they are from a specific geographic region.

Take Defender Pro for a spin

Defender is available on the WordPress.org Plugin site as keyware. Download it, try out a subset of it’s capabilities and see. If you decide that you want to sign up with WPMUDEV then do me a favor and use my link: https://premium.wpmudev.org/?ref=wpmudev19-757822

WPMUDEV is one of BrainCandi’s best decisions when it comes to premium plugin offerings for our clients.

All BrainCandi hosting clients have limited access to WPMUDEV’s range of offerings, depending on your hosting package. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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