Why do I need a BrainCandi?

February 13, 2020

I hear from a lot of people that run their own business and a common question is always, "Why do I need a" - insert web person job title

Most business owners are a jack-of-all-trades, or they know alot of people with different skillsets, or they are just plain smart and the obvious thought process is... "If I figured out how to get my business off the ground, surely moving onto the internet shouldn't be that difficult.

And it's not.

Once you've figured out the myriad of things you have to to successfully manage your business in the online arena.

It's Just a Website, right?

Sure... and the store-front you rent, or buy, for your company is just a building.

But there's permits you have to get and maintain to keep it legal, signage you need to attract, draw in, and inform your customers with. You have employees you have to train, software to run your business, utilities and bills to make sure it's smooth and up to date. And this is just to have a place to PUT your business. This doesn't even touch on the things needed to actually RUN your business or MARKET it so that people can find it... or want to.

A website is the same thing. Sure... you can go to Wix and hammer out something that doesn't look terrible. You might even find a designer that can make it gorgeous. But that's barely scratching the surface of what is necessary to successfully run and manage an online presence for your brand.

Let's take a short strolll through some of the pieces of this delicious, but fairly complicated, pie...

Who Are You?

Your domain name is generally step one. You need to make sure you purchase your domain from a respected company. Sure, you can have a friend buy it... You can even have an employee do it... But if the person that holds ownership of your domain has a sideways experience with you and decides to go renegade you could find your website gone... just empty... or worse. Pointed to a completely different website.

When buying your domain name you need to think things through. The name can be purchased 'privately' or 'publicly' depending on how much you want to spend or where you buy your domain name through. A public purchase means anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, can get your personal phone number, address, and more just by knowing the domain name. A private purchase means that personal information is hidden. Google Domains offers the private protection for free... at GoDaddy you have to pay extra for this option.

Let's not forget the TLD (Top Level Domain) you want... are you going for a .com... or .org... .ninja... or what? Some places charge more for certain tld's and some don't even offer them all. Google Domains has a wide range of options tho and tends to show the lowest prices on them all.

Once the domain name is purchased you have to manage the DNS (Domain Name Service) for it. This means that once you get a Hosting company you have know how to point your domain to that host. Some hosts will manage this process for you, some will charge. And if you want to have an email address that uses your domain name (trust me, you do) then you have to know how to configure the settings to properly handle your email as well. Some places charge extra for this configuration, and some don't.

Where Are You?

Once you have your domain name firmly in hand... now it's time to find a place to put the website that this domain name will send people to. This is called the Hosting location.

Hosts are a dime a dozen if you don't care what you get... You can find them for literally pennies a month. But you get what you pay for. I've used GoDaddy in the past and I can tell you, I paid them $100 to migrate a clients site and they not only NEVER successfully completed the migration, they also never refunded my money. The hosting company I use now (CyberHost in the UK) will migrate a client at no extra charge. Flawlessly, so far, I might add.

Hosting plans cover how large your site will be (in storage), how much traffic it will be able to handle, how many options it has, security, speed and more.

I could write books on this topic alone. There are borderline an infinite amount of options you can add to a website on the Hosts side of things. But just to touch on one good example, SSL is for websites that need a secure connection. Usually this is done for online stores offering e-commerce and accepting credit cards. SSL can run you upwards of several hundred dollars a year... or some hosts just include it. Here at BrainCandi we include it. It's part of your yearly hosting. But aside from SSL there is the software you want to run, the system to manage your email, and so much more.

What Are You Made Of?

Just like options for how your site is hosted or what domain name provider you choose... You also need to select how your site is built.

Will a developer build it from scratch, writing code meticulously by hand... or will you use an engine to build it?

When I first got into web development I started out writing by hand. The problem then becomes spell-check, autocorrects, and more. How many potential human glitches are you willing to risk your digital presence on? I delved into Content Management Systems once I realized I had started designing my own. I ended up with WordPress and have never regretted it once. But that doesn't make things much easier.

Can you install it? Build the database to manage it? Secure it? Maintain it?

Sure... there are plugins to do this... but which one? With over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress you could spend hours just trying to find the right plugin to do what you want your website to do... Let's not forget... Once you get your website functionality figured out, you need to get the look developed. Make sure your brand is presented in it's finest on the digital stage. If you pick wrong on any of these steps you can mangle your site, erase it, or worse... get it hacked.

BrainCandi Can Take Care Of Your Brand

This is what we do...

We can get your brand covered from step one to beyond.

We can walk you through domain name purchasing to managing your hosting and maintaining your site securely, as well as helping you to meet SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements to make sure all your hard work gets noticed correctly by the Google and other Engines of Mass Notification. We can help you build your brands digital presence and position you where you need to be.

And for those who have a little more know-how? We even have tiered offerings in case you got parts of it already covered in-house.

No matter what you want to do, nor where you want to go, with your brand... BrainCandi can help you do it.

The BrainCandi logo. A peppermint candy inside it's see-thru wrapper and half of the candy is a brain.
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