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The small business and individual’s answer to an online presence.

Long story short

BrainCandi was created over two decades of watching the internet grow from its infancy to the powerful tool it is today. As corporations and big businesses funded larger and more complex internet presences, the small company was lost in the shuffle. Startups have to risk large portions of their small funding resources to create their web presence.

BrainCandi was created to mitigate that risk, to bring web development costs down to an affordable level for small business and individuals.

Bringing web development and design, SEO and Social Media together, BrainCandi draws from a wealth of experience on our staff. This experience is built on the desire to have competitive capabilities without driving an exorbitant invoice to our clients’ bank accounts.

Creating a valuable and customer-focused web presence doesn’t require a large budget, just the ability to think outside of the box.

Our clients bring their dream, their imagination, and their products or services to us and we convert those to a digital reality.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

Brittany Miller
SEO / Social Media Guru

Managing BrainCandi clients’ rankings in web searches, and providing direction for optimal social media usage, she brings a wealth of knowledge to best enhance the online reputation of your business.

Rev. Brian Scott O’keefe
Web Developer / Designer

Building and laying out websites for BrainCandi clients, he brings over 20 years of hands on experience to ensuring that your website looks great and looks well.

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Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma