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IT Department Partner

BrainCandi has been doing IT-based work for decades. Our team is here to support your businesses web-based IT needs. Our partners come to us because they don’t have positions available to hire a Web Master, or manage their own web servers, or deal with the intricacies of the ever changing world of social media. This is where BrainCandi is ready to partner with your brand and provide it the service it deserves.

Social Media

Managing a Facebook page can be a complicated process. Keeping close tabs on all of the messages that potential, or current, clients and customers can be time consuming yet it is very important. Keeping regular posts flowing from a website to the various social media outlets can take hours and require some fairly technical knowledge to do it right. This is where BrainCandi shines. We can do all of this and more. Contact us and let us get your social media inline with your brands focus.

Onsite Consultation

If owning a website isn’t a need for your brand sometimes an Amazon Store, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account, can handle everything needed. This is also an area that BrainCandi excels in. Schedule a consultation with BrainCandi and let us sit down and discuss the goals and direction you see your brand moving. We can work with you on the technical side and work with your brand to help position it where you want it to be.

Website Assistance

Has your brand moved out onto the web already with less-than-desired results? Maybe you’ve made the move to one of those self-builder sites, like Wix or Squarespace, and you need to go to the next step. Or possibly your brands goals have changed enough that an overhaul of your digital environment is now a requirement. Schedule a consultation with BrainCandi and let us help you plan out a successful launch, or re-launch, and get things on the track your brand deserves.

G-Suite Integration

Some businesses, or brands, have already made an initial investment into G-Suite. This is a powerful package full of a lot of options to assist your brands digital side. But not a lot of people have a solid grasp of what all G-Suite can provide, or even what all it does. BrainCandi uses G-Suite and has a solid understanding of the inner workings and power that G-Suite can provide to any size business. If your brand is just skimming the surface of G-Suite, schedule a training consultation and let us help you better meet your brands needs using the right aspects of this powerful system.

Website Management

WordPress powers roughly 35% of the internet because it is a powerful, well-built, solidly maintained web content management system. But right out of the box there are countless configuration settings necessary to make sure it runs as smoothly as your brands goals require it to. Having worked with WordPress for over 20 years BrainCandi brings the experience necessary to keep your site running right, safely and ready for visitors. Having built websites from scratch, as well as using tools like WordPress, we know what is necessary for a website to work right and WordPress has all of the necessary parts.

On top of the power of WordPress tho, BrainCandi has access to powerful add-ons that make your site more secure, safe, and ready for any problems that can arise. Configuration and management of this kind of system is what BrainCandi does best providing your brand with the look and feel it needs to succeed on the internet.
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